Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos is a series of islands situated in the fictitious Pacific. As such, it’s only a matter of time before players encounter some body of water. And, in the likely scenario that one is fleeing from law enforcement, knowing how to dive underwater in GTA 5 is extremely handy in evading capture.

How to dive underwater in Grand Theft Auto V

To dive underwater in GTA 5, players will need to press the R1 button (PlayStation), RB button, (Xbox), or spacebar (PC).

Once underwater, controls will be inverted, much like flying a plane. Up is down and down is up. Your actions underwater will be fairly limited, but you can still attack while swimming. This will help mitigate unfortunate shark-related fatalities.

That’s about all there is to diving underwater in GTA 5. The same instructions also apply to Grand Theft Auto Online, which is where many players go to spend their time after beating the engrossing campaign. So, sally forth, enjoy the sun and waves!

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