One of the many possible career paths players can take in Bitlife is a Dentist Job, but to become a Dentist, you must first go to Dental School. 

How to enroll in Dental School in Bitlife

To go to Dental School, you must like with many jobs, have high smarts, and go to college first. Start by creating a character until you have decent smarts of at least 40+. This number will be fine enough, as you can increase this all the way to 100 with the next step. 

That being said, after you create your character with 40 smarts, you will then need to age until the option to read books and go to the library unlocks. When all of this unlocks, you will be able to read books and go to the library under the activities tab, and doing so will be enough to raise your smart stats to 100.

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When you got the high smarts, age to the point where you finish High School, and then move on to college and choose biology as your major. After this, finish college by aging a few years, and you will be able to go to Dental School by selecting the seek higher education option. If you don’t see this tab, you can always find the option to go to Dental School under the education tab in careers. 

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