On your travels wherever they may take you in the world of Axiom Verge 2, you’ll eventually come across these Red Portals. Normally, these are locked behind a strange glowing alienlike switch that you need the Arm ability Mushhus to open.

But when you do finally attempt to go through one, you get bounced back, and nothing happens. That is because you, the player, cannot go through them. You need another Arm ability—named Damu to do so. This ability allows you to fire remote-controlled drones that can enter these Storm Portals. But you are incapacitated while the done is active.

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Upon entering a portal, you have to navigate an area inside, controlling the drone. Of course, enemies are in abundance and will destroy the drone if hit too many times. Your aim is to find another Storm Portal, this is your exit, and the drone will end up in another location.

Damu can be located in the upper region of Mount Ebin. The north-eastern area, 24,6, are the coordinates in the right-hand corner. Look at the image below for the exact location. However, to the screen on the left, you have to fight against a giant Robot Bird with a lot of weaponry, so be careful. There is a save point, not so far away, if you happen to meet your demise.

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