Inside the Power Station, you’ll eventually acquire a new weapon for Rayton, the Drill. Yet, there is a fascinating mechanic to this weapon. You can use it to propel yourself and glider over various obstacles and also use any wind and launch yourself skyward.

To glide, all you need to do is jump and press Circle when in midair. The Drill must be equipped to be able to do this. If the Fist is equipped, you will perform a grabbing attack and undoubtedly fall into the abyss or some electricity. To change weapons, press L1 or L2, or press right on the D-Pad to change to the drill.

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The best use of gliding is either jumping off a high platform and using the height to travel a fair distance or using it on inclines, like in the Power Station. You’ll very rarely use it jumping over small gaps, but when combined with double jump and wall jump, you may be able to get to some secret areas fairly easily.

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