Some achievements you discover by accident. Others, you must train and prepare for. In the It’s the Same As Having Wings achievement, you put the Traveler’s upper arm strength to the test, forcing him to glide for 80 seconds straight. Although this seems like an unreasonably long period of time, there are some stamina-conserving strategies that can help you complete this achievement. Here’s how to glide for 80 seconds and complete the It’s the Same As Having Wings achievement in Genshin Impact.

How to complete the It’s the Same As Having Wings achievement in Genshin Impact

Where can you complete this achievement?

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The easiest place to complete this achievement is the tip of Starsnatch Cliff. While you can also finish this achievement from a floating island at the top of Qingyun Peak in Liyue, the Starsnatch Cliff location is preferable because you can knock out two achievements at once. If you glide from Starsnatch Cliff to the nameless island at the east, you can also achieve the Golden Gliding License achievement, granting you 10 more Primogems.

First, walk to the very edge of Starsnatch Cliff, then look east. You should see an island in the distance, although it is not depicted on the in-game map. This is your destination. However, you will need several stamina conservation tricks, as the glide requires 214 stamina in total.

Stamina conservation strategies

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One way you can conserve stamina is by placing two Anemo characters in your current party, which reduces overall stamina consumption by 15%. Along with this buff, you can deploy Amber, Collei, or Venti in your team, which decreases gliding stamina consumption by 20%. If you would like extra assurance that you will make it to the island successfully, you can eat some Delicious Minty Meat Rolls to reduce your party’s gliding stamina consumption by 25% for 900 seconds.

an area that is far east of starsnatch cliff, close to the map border, that is circled.
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Once you are fully prepared, you can jump from the Starsnatch Cliff peak and start gliding east, toward the island in the distance. If your stamina gets dangerously low, try eating some foods that restore stamina, like Noodles with Mountain Delicacies or Five Pickled Treasures. With the Anemo elemental resonance buff, Amber in your team, a plate of Delicious Minty Meat Rolls, and some emergency stamina-restoring snacks, you should be able to glide to the nameless island, getting the It’s the Same As Having Wings and Golden Gliding License achievements.

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