Party members are important in Scarlet Nexus as they allow you to use their abilities through a SAS system. Deeping your bond with your teammates unlocks new skills and enchantments to make you even stronger.

Giving gifts is one way to increase their bonds quickly, to level up faster. To give an ally a gift, you need to have unlocked the Hideout area in Standby Phase 2, and your friends have to be present in the living room to be able to receive a gift.

Interact with a party member by pressing Y, Triangle, or E, and you’ll have the option to give a gift in the interaction menu. Though, only some party members will accept some gifts. You can see which ones they prefer by selecting the gift, and if their Avatar is highlighted, you can gift them said item. If not, and they are grey, then you cannot.

If a character really loves an item, a heart may appear on the avatar. The size of the heart indicates how much they love the item. This means there are three different tiers:

Pink Small HeartLove
Big Red HeartAdore

The different tiers are how much a gift will increase their bond. An adored gift will give more than a liked gift. Like>Love>Adore.

Gifts can be obtained in many ways. You can find them as you explore the world by collecting White Crystal-like objects. Or you can buy and exchange the gifts from the shop next to Satori the Archivist, aka the save point. They are also obtaining from completing the side quests in the game.

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