The end of a year brings many things. New Year’s resolutions are one such thing but so are end-of-the-year recaps. Twitch announced on Twitter that they would be sending out emails to show your 2021 year recap. You might be wondering how to get this email.

To get your 2021 year Twitch recap, you must ensure that you have your settings correct. Once you do, you will get the email via your Twitch email at some point, though no official time was said. Here is how to get your 2021 year Twitch recap.

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  • Click on your profile and open your settings on Twitch.
  • Navigate to the notifications tab.
  • Select the By Email button.
  • Scroll to the bottom.
  • You will see the Marketing option; make sure this is turned on.

These types of emails are listed as marketing, so having this option enabled will ensure that you receive this email. You will not get your 2021 year Twitch recap email if you do not check it.

Twitch has asked users to post their recap on Twitter which is an excellent little way to bring the community together. So take a look at yours and others to round out the year!

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