The DioField Chronicle has got a few versions you can purchase. You get a few bonus goodies for those who have bought the Digital Deluxe edition. But where and how do you get your bonus add-on content in The DioField Chronicle?

How to get the Digital Deluxe bonus in The DioField Chronicle

You get your bonus Digital Deluxe content for The DioField Chronicle. You need to play the game until you reach Elm Camp, which is not far into the game. When you can explore the camp, head towards the shopkeeper’s room. Inside this room is a blue chest in the corner. It’s tough to miss. Interact with the chest to get all of your bonus add-on content.

If you are struggling to find the chest, open up your map by pressing R2/RL or M and look for the icon of a chest. If the chest is not there, play through a couple of missions, and the chest will appear.

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What items do you get as a bonus in the Digital Deluxe version of The DioField Chronicle?

You get the following items for purchasing the Digital Deluxe version of The DioField Chronicle.

  • Rhopasto Knife
    • Enchanted Beast Killer – Deals 1.2x damage to unit type.
  • Knight’s Spear
    • Magicker’s Bane – Deals 1.5x damage to unit type.
  • Mystical Ring
    • +30 Luck + Auto EP Recovery.
  • Recruit’s-Bangle
    • Start Dash – Increases EXP earned by 50% up to level 15.

These items are not special. You can still acquire them by playing the game, but people who have purchased this version get them early.

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