Rainbow Six Extraction is a game where players will fight alongside two fellow Operators against an invading alien threat known as the Archaeans. Extraction has an interesting XP system, and there are many ways to earn the XP normally during a play session and ways to get bonus XP by completing objectives in a certain way.

Ways to level up fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Scanning enemies

In the heat of battle, it can be difficult to remember the scanning mechanic but using it will net a small amount of extra XP during a mission. It also helps out fellow Operators, as callouts always make the team more aware of their surroundings and potential threats.

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Higher difficulty

Playing on higher difficulty can be a challenge for some players, but getting out of the comfort zone and testing the waters with more difficulty can add a nice XP bonus to normal activities. Taking it slow and being aware of enemies is vital on higher difficulties.

Stealthy takedowns

Taking an enemy down with weapons and REACT tech is exciting, but taking the time to surprise attack an enemy and get a stealth kill will reward players with bonus XP. Killing Archaeans without being detected counts as a stealth takedown.

Don’t be afraid to exfil

When players are deep in battle, it can be tempting to continue on even if Operators and teammates are low on health and ammo. Knowing when to exfil can be a vital tool to gaining XP. If players continue through an operation low on health, they risk dying and having to run an extraction mission on the fallen Operator. Failing to successfully retrieve the Operator can result in a huge loss of XP from that Operator. Weighing the odds and knowing when to pull out is important in Extraction.

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