Turbo Golf Racing is a fast-paced multiplayer racing golf game where you pilot rocket-powered vehicles. As you play, you will XC, an in-game currency that can be used in the shop. This may leave you wondering how to get XC quickly in Turbo Golf Racing.

To quickly gain XC in Turbo Golf Racing, you should play as many games as possible. You gain a lot of XC just from playing, but you can increase your gain by earning badges. You can earn badges for various things such as sinking balls first, firing missiles, driving fast, and more. Be sure to experiment with playstyles and earn numerous badges.

XC allows you to buy various cosmetic items for your vehicle and ball, Power Cores, and more. By earning a lot of XC, you can purchase more cosmetic items and change your appearance to whatever you are feeling.

So get out there and hit the green. Make sure to place well and complete various challenges like hitting certain speeds, firing a certain number of missiles, hitting long shots, and more.

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