Wrinklers are a feature that occurs later on in Cookie Clicker. They can only occur during the Grandmapocalypse and are effective at increasing your cookie production. These leech-like creatures will spawn and circle your cookie.

Wrinklers will begin to appear once the Grandmapocalypse has begun. They have a set rate of spawning which is 0.001 percent per stage of Grandmapocalypse. This can be affected by several methods. These are:

Grandmapocalypse stage1/2/3 (One Mind/Communal Brainsweep/Elder Pact)
Unholy bait5
Skruuia, Spirit of Scorns2.5/2/1.5 (Diamond/Ruby/Jade)
Garden plants1-0.15WA+0.02WR
WA = # of Wardlichen
WR = # of Wrinklegill

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Wrinklers will cause your cookie production to drop by five percent and there can be up to ten Wrinklers attacking the cookie at one time. With the use of the Elder Spice, you can attract two more Wrinklers for a total of twelve. While allowing Wrinklers to drain your cookie production seems detrimental, popping a Wrinkler by clicking on it repeatedly will grant you more cookies. Popping a Wrinkler will grant you 1.1 times the amount of cookies withered in the Wrinkler’s lifetime. This means that the longer the Wrinkler attacks your cookie, the more cookies you will receive when it is popped.

There is a chance that a Shiney Wrinkler will appear. You can identify a Shiney Wrinkler by its golden color. Shiney Wrinklers will grant 3.3 times the amount of cookies withered once popped. Popping a Shiney Wrinkler requires twelve clicks.

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