Christmas Wrapping Paper is a big part of the RuneScape 2021 Christmas Event. Players exchange Christmas Wrapping Paper for mystery gifts from Postie Pete.

Every three minutes, players may receive between 15 to 25 pieces of Christmas Wrapping Paper. However, it can only be obtained after killing monsters or doing something skill based. This way, players who are idle cannot receive Christmas Wrapping Paper just for being online.

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We have found that the Treasure Hunter keys are the fastest way to get a lot of Christmas Wrapping Paper. When using Treasure Hunter keys, 40 Christmas Wrapping Paper is rewarded as a bonus.

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This kind of reward is disappointing because rather than a reward for doing something, it feels more like a passive reward.

At the end of a RuneScape event, the items associated with it usually disappear. Since Christmas Wrapping Paper is very likely to disappear before the event ends, it is best to gather as much as possible and trade it before the event ends.

Now that you know how to get Christmas Wrapping Paper, there’s a skull you need to meet who will take them. Check out Who is Postie Pete in RuneScape? And stay on Pro Game Guides for more news, guides, and info on RuneScape!

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