The FIFA 22 and Apex Legends crossover brings special rewards for players. These rewards include kits, badges, tifos, and the VIP area. The theme of these limited-time items is based on three characters from Apex Legends, namely Wraith, Gibraltar, and Octane.

Players can get the Wraith, Gibraltar, and Octane Apex Legends kits in FIFA FUT by purchasing the Legends Ultimate Bundle from the in-game Store. The premium bundle includes all the rewards mentioned previously and costs 180,000 FUT coins or 1,500 FIFA coins.

From left to right – Wraith Kit, Octane Kit, and Gibraltar Kit (Image via EA)

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If you only want the three kits, you can get them via the Legends Kits Bundle that costs 60,000 FUT coins or 500 FIFA coins. You can even purchase a legend specific bundle, each costing 90,000 FUT coins or 750 FIFA coins, for a home kit and badge for that particular legend. Keep in mind that these Apex Legends inspired bundles are exclusive and available for a limited time only.

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