Lost Ark is filled with things to do. There are quests to complete, places to explore, monsters to kill, and collectibles to find. Most collectibles, including World Tree Leaves, can be exchanged for various items. This may leave the player wondering how to get World Tree Leaves in Lost Ark.

The main way to get World Tree Leaves in Lost Ark is by using your trade skills. This includes logging, fishing, mining, and more. It will take a while before you get World Tree Leaves, so keep using these skills, and you will eventually earn them.

First, you will need to get the quest Collecting Collectibles for Fun and speak to Chapman in Neria’s Tavern in Prideholme. After completing the above quest, you can get your first World Tree Leaf from Chapman in Castle Luterra.

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All World Tree Leaves Rewards

There are 72 World Tree Leaves to acquire. They can be exchanged to Chapman for various items. The catch is that they can only be traded in increments of six. Here are all World Tree Leaves rewards.

  • Adept All Trade Skill Potion x 5 – 6
  • Faint Ore Charm – 12
  • Adept Craft Kit x 6 – 18
  • Masterpiece #11 – 24
  • Transformation: Rabbit – 30
  • Faint Citrine – 36
  • Title: “Master of Trade Skills” – 42
  • Silent Citrine – 48
  • Transformation: Gatherable – 54
  • Structure: World Tree Leaves – 60
  • Transformation: Fish – 66
  • Tranquil Citrine – 72

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