Weapon Resonance Effects are unique buffs that you can get in Tower of Fantasy upon equipping certain weapon combinations. When building your “team,” it’s highly recommended to take advantage of Resonance Effects to get additional buffs and damage bonuses that can make it easier to defeat powerful enemies.

What are weapon types in Tower of Fantasy?

Before understanding how Resonance works, it’s important to know that all weapons are categorized into three types based on their primary role in battle: Attack, Defense, and Support.

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You can determine a weapon’s type by clicking on it in the Warehouse or Weapon menu and checking the symbol to the left of its Element. If it’s red, it’s a DPS or Attack-type weapon. If it’s yellow, it’s a Defense-type weapon, and if it’s blue, then it’s a Support-type weapon.

How weapon Resonance works in Tower of Fantasy

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Weapon Resonance Effects are triggered upon equipping two weapons of the same type or three weapons of different types. In exchange, you will obtain fixed effects that are further increased when participating in team play game modes, such as Joint Operation, Dimensional Trials, and more.

You can trigger weapon Resonance Effects by equipping the following weapon type combinations as a set:

  • Balance—Attack, Defense, Support
    • Increase final damage and damage reduction by five percent. Increase shatter and healing effect by 20 percent. In team play, increase final damage and damage reduction by 20 percent.
  • Fortitude—Defense, Defense
    • Increase damage reduction by 25 percent, shatter by 60 percent, and aggo by 800 percent. In team play, further boost damage by 20 percent.
  • Attack—Attack/DPS, Attack/DPS
    • Increase final damage by 10 percent, which in team play is further increased to 40 percent.
  • Benediction—Support, Support
    • Increase healing by 100 percent, which in team play is further increased by 100 percent.

These Resonance bonuses do not apply across multiple weapon sets, so again, they all need to be equipped within the same set. Additionally, all team play bonuses stack with single-player bonuses. For example, if you trigger Benediction, you’ll receive a 200 percent healing bonus in team play as opposed to 100 percent in solo play.

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