My Time at Sandrock takes place in the barren desert, which means no resource as precious as water. While you may think you need this to stay alive, your machines also need it for power. This may leave you wondering how to get water in My Time at Sandrock.

There are two main ways to get water in My Time at Sandrock: you can craft water or purchase it. Crafting water can be time-consuming until you get the Dew Collector. If you are in a pickle, you can always purchase water to power your machines from the Water World store.

How to craft water in My Time at Sandrock

To craft water in My Time at Sandrock, you need 10 Dew. You can use this at your workbench to craft barrels of water. This can then be used to power your machines. You can find dew by cutting down bushes, but the rate is low. However, the Dew Collector will provide an easy source.

How to unlock the Dew Collector

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The Dew Collector is a machine you can build, but you will need to use data discs and purchase the diagram from Qi at the Research Center. You will then need to construct this with various materials. Here is what you need to build the Dew Collector.

  • 3x Wooden Stick
  • 3x Basic Leather
  • 2x Marble Brick
  • 12x Stone
  • 2x Stone Trough

Once you have crafted the Dew Collector, all you have to do is place it down and let it do its thing. Water is a precious resource in My Time at Sandrock, so we recommend you get this machine.

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