A new event has come available in Tower of Fantasy. This one involves getting together as a community to complete phases together in Vera Orienteering. In the first phase, you need to collect Warp Energy Cells. So here’s a guide on how to get Warp Energy Cells in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find Warp Energy Cells in the Vera Orienteering event in Tower of Fantasy

You can get Warp Energy Cells in the Vera Orienteering event in Tower of Fantasy in one of two ways. The first is by killing all Hyena human enemies, and the second is opening any chest you come across.

Killing Hyena enemies will net you Warp Energy Cells but not much. The smaller enemies will get you one Warp Energy Cell, and the bigger ones can earn you four. No one other enemy drops Warp Energy Cells from our explorations, and murder.

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The other way to get Warp Cell Energy is by opening all chests. Albeit, this could be from opening Rusty Iron Chests or the two types of Passworded Chests you can find. Rusty chests give you about five Warp Cell Energy, Type One Password Chests give about 15, and Type Two gives 50 Warp Cell Energy.

The Vera Orienteering event is a community-based event. All players contribute to the whole to unlock rewards. We started playing this, and the percentage was under 0.75%, but since we’ve collected Warp Cell Energy, that value has increased to 1.29% without us doing anything.

We collected 200 Warp Cell energy when the value was at 1.29%, which didn’t increase. It will take the whole Tower of Fantasy community to chip in to reach 100%. There are three chests you can get at specific percentage increments.

  • 20% – x1 Special Voucher
  • 55% – 100 Dark Crystals
  • 100% – 100 Dark Crystals

So get out there, kill Hyena enemies and loot all chests you see to help reach this 100% goal.

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