In MiHoYo’s Otome game Tears of Themis, players will gain rewards in the form of Lady Themis’ tears that they can manifest into Visions. Here’s a brief guide on how to get Visions in Tears of Themis.

The Shadow of Themis is a permanent event in ToT, that allows players to trade in their Lady Themis tear drop rewards to obtain Visions (draw cards) to use during debates.

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Screenshot of Tears of Themis gameplay

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Players can obtain the tears of Lady Themis rewards to exchange for Visions by spending real-world and in-game currencies, playing the main story, or simply signing into the game daily. Players can trade one Tear of Themis reward for one Vision card or 10 Tears of Themis rewards for 10 Vision cards, but these rewards should be farmed until players can spend them in bulk; 30 card draws, will guarantee players SR and SSR character cards.

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