For a limited time, players can claim several cosmetic items during the Van’s World event that is currently going on in Roblox. 

The item players can claim now is a white pair of Spicoli Sunglasses that can be worn by your character in the game. If you want to claim these Sunglasses, you must first log in to your Roblox account, find Van’s Event game page, and hit play on the game. 

You start the game by hitting the white arrow in the green box, so after the game will launch. Once in the game, head straight for Van’s clothing accessory store, as shown below.

This store can usually be found on your left when you spawn in the game. Head inside and find a stand way in the back that looks like the one below

Walking up and hitting E will claim the item and will add it to your account, and you will also earn the official White Spicoli Sunglasses soon after, once you claim them via the free item stand in the game. 

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Once the item is claimed, that will be all you need to do. You can also come back tomorrow to repeat the same steps to gain the next item in the event. As a side note, you can also view all accessories for Vans world via the official accessories page.

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