Not only is Tusk a powerful Stand, it’s also the only one that features four consistently elevated evolutions. In this guide we’ll walk you through the steps of unlocking Tusk Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, and Act 4. If you’re looking for a list of every stand in AUT and how to obtain them, head on over to our guide here.

Tusk Act 1

In order to obtain Tusk Act 1 you’ll need to find and unbury the item The Saint’s Left Arm from Sand Debris in Devil’s Palm. There is an 8% chance that a pile of sand will hold the arm item so you may be digging for a while. Once you’ve found it, make sure that your character is Standless and use the item. This will give you Tusk Act 1.

Tusk Act 2

Tusk Act 2 is the next evolution in this lineage. To obtain it, locate the NPC Johnny Joestar in Devil’s Palm and speak to him—be sure that you have Tusk Act 1 equipped. Johnny Joestar has a 60% chance of spawning every 8 minutes. Accept and complete his quest and he will award you with Tusk Act 2. The quest is detailed below.

  • Johnny Joestar will say: “I see that you’ve acquired a similar ability of mine from the Corpse Part. In order to improve your ‘Abilities,’ you must hone your nails. To achieve mastery over your nails, you must ‘surf’ the land for five minutes.”
  • Select the “Alright” dialogue option to accept the quest.
  • To complete it, use the Nail Glide move by pressing the V key on your keyboard to move throughout the area for a total of 600 seconds.
    • Keep in mind that leaving Devil’s Palm will restart any progress that you’ve made on the quest.
  • After you’ve completed the 600 second requirement, Tusk Act 2 will automatically appear.

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Tusk Act 3

Unlike the other Tusk Acts, there’s no direct NPC quest to be completed for Act 3. Instead, you’re going to want to lower your health to anywhere above zero but below 150 with Tusk Act 2 equipped and then use your Stand’s Dark Determination move by pressing H on your keyboard. Each time that you use this move with low health there is a chance that a shadowy NPC will appear to offer you Tusk Act 3.

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The spawn chance for this NPC will be extremely low for your first couple tries, but as you do it again and again the spawn chance will increase until he eventually appears. Once he does, speak with him and he will award you with Tusk Act 3.

Tusk Act 4

When you’re ready to continue towards Tusk Act 4, head back to Devil’s Palm once again and resume searching through Sand Debris. This time, keep an eye out for an even rarer item—The Eye of the Saint. This item only has a 2% spawn chance so it may take a while to find.

After you’ve found it, locate the NPC Gyro just outside of Devil’s Palm and speak with them. Their quest will be to them bring the eye item, so you’ll be ahead of the game! After handing over the item and finishing the quest you will receive Tusk Act 4.

Switching between Tusk Acts

To switch between any and all of your Tusk Act forms, simply press the [ and ] buttons on your keyboard! This will cycle forwards and backward through them.

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