To get tree branches in Breakwaters, all you need to do is hit a tree with your fists, a stick, or a weapon of some kind. When you damage a tree, its health bar will appear. Once you start draining its health, tree branches will appear on the floor next to the tree.

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Only a fair few will appear per tree, but you do not get any extra for entirely destroying the tree’s health bar, as the tree will fall over and not explode into materials.

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If you choose to punch the tree, you will take one damage off it per punch, so it will take a while to acquire tree branches. We recommend finding a berry bush and attacking that until a stick drops. Equip the stick, which will deal two damage per hit—a 100 percent damage upgrade!

The best way to get tree branches fast is to craft a Hardened Shell Axe. To do this, you need the following materials:

  • Two Sticks
  • One Hardened Shell
  • Five Seagrass

You also need ten tree branches to make the Builders Bench. This is your crafting bench to make an assortment of weapons, tools, and building materials.

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