To get treasure maps in Breakwaters, you will need to either buy them from merchants or find them via glass note bottles.

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You can purchase the maps from merchants using yellow crystal shards that can be mined from yellow crystal mounds across the many islands in the game.

The shards can also be found from dead pirates, but mining them is going to be your main method for obtaining them. That said, once you have a sizable amount.

You will be able to use these shards to purchase certain treasure maps from certain NPCs in the game. Usually, this would be fine, but the maps will cost a pretty penny.

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Because of this, you might be better off just looking for glass bottles in other cases. To get treasure maps from glass bottles, you will need to locate them by digging in the ground with a shovel.

Another way to find glass bottles is to find them sitting in random locations on the many islands in the game.

However, the most reliable way to get glass bottles in the game is to just dig for them. In either case, make sure to have a few slots in your Hotbar open for when you go digging for treasure maps.

The reason why is that you won’t get the treasure maps unless you have a few slots free.

That said, once you get the treasure map, you will be able to use it often to locate secret locations such as ruins and treasures.

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