After you have collected four pieces of rope for Torus, you are tasked with the next quest to go to Vigga Marshes to collect some volatile liquid.

To get to Vigga Marshes, you must go east from Raven’s Road Camp to Zyndra Forest. Follow the path, and you’ll come to a monster you need to kill before you can open the gate. You’ll encounter rivers of mud here, so always jump to avoid the Plague monsters within who can grab you.

Keep going to the right, down the three platforms, and they’ll be a save point. If you go left from the save, across the mud, you’ll find a chest with some Cribes inside. Continue going east, but make sure to platform carefully, as there are spikes underneath.

Kill or ignore another tough Urlag, jump up the platforms and the blue mushrooms, and keep going to the right. You’ll soon come across a plant in which is sprouting three seeds if you have inventory space. Jump on the blue mushroom and open up the next gate, turning the cog clockwise.

From here, you must go down. Continue going down, using the right analog to see what’s below you, and you’ll come across an engraved tree with a Sigil. Go west from the tree, and you’ll be in Vigga Marshes.

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