Tunic features a vast and mysterious world for you to explore. There are many secrets to uncover, puzzles to solve, and areas to reach. One area that you will discover is the Frog Cavern, but finding it can be difficult. Here is how to find the Frog Cavern in Tunic.

You will need to go to Ruined Atoll. Once you are there, make your way to the northeast island in the top-right corner of the map marked by the red star beneath. Here you can find the secret passageway to get to the Frog Cavern in Tunic.

Where to find the Frog Cavern in Tunic

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You can get to this island by following the rail across the water. Then, you will need to follow the brick path on this island and walk around the chest. Head between the cliffs there, and you will see a ladder. Climb up the ladder and then simply follow the ladders and ramps downwards.

This will lead you to the Frog Cavern. There are many new enemies in this area, along with the Magic Orb. This item is essential to progressing through Tunic, so you will need to make your way to the Frog Cavern.

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