To unlock some more content in Jupiter Hell, players need to get to specific ranks. These ranks can unlock trials and challenge modes for you to play. These are more difficult than the base game, as certain traits and guns have been locked away, etc.

To get to the first rank Private FC, you must first earn one Bronze Badge, and there’s a total of 21 to collect. To earn one of these badges, you must do one of these in the base game and one in a trial:

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  • Reach Io
    • This is the third area of the game.
  • Win any game with 100 percent kills
    • You must kill all enemies on every level of the game. Not a single one can be left alive.
  • Clear Callisto Anomaly
    • This is a special level through the Callisto Mines level.
  • Purity Trial
    • Reach Io in the Purity Trial.

One of these you must obtain to get your first Bronze Badge, and you will receive the rank of Private FC. After you have, you can earn more Badges by playing the unlocked Trial Angel of Light Travel, Angel of Carnage, and the Haste Trial.

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