At various points in Scarlet Nexus there will be hidden resource pickups behind fences in the game. If you want to get past these fences, you will need to unlock a party member called Luka Travers and use their teleport ability.

Without Luka Travers, you won’t be able to get past these fences or any other blocked passage when you first encounter them. That said, you will need to progress to phase five in the game to unlock Luka Travers as a party member.

After this point, you will be able to use Luka’s teleport ability via the SAS ability action slot he is assigned to. You will also be able to tell if you can past something if the fence or spot is marked by a gimmick icon on the map. 

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So if you find one of these, it probably means something juicy is behind it waiting for you. Rare items can also be found often behind these blocked passageways, so it’s always a good idea to come back after a while and backtrack through old areas.

Doing this can also be a good method of farming both money and EXP in the game, as monsters will also respawn every time you return to an area. 

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