The Roblox platform launched in China as Luobu and to celebrate, the company launched its first Chinese gaming event: Roblox Nezha Obby. All players can get the Young Nezha avatar bundle for free by completing the Nezha puzzle. This requires collecting nine puzzle pieces, along with lots of in-game trading.

Every day during this event, the player must collect a new puzzle piece. To collect a puzzle piece, step on the platform with the floating purple puzzle piece. You can only claim one puzzle piece per day and the results are completely at random. The game lets you know how many puzzle pieces you have collected on the right side of the screen.

There’s a chance you might get lucky by collecting all nine of the puzzle pieces on your own, simply by logging on each day. But since the Nezha Obby event only lasts for one month, you might want to speed up the process. To do so, you can trade extra puzzle pieces with other players.

To trade with other players, press the Gift Box button on the right side of the screen. This will bring up a new window with a complete list of all the players in your server. Press the green button next to the player’s name to initiate a trade. If the invited player accepts your offer, you will be allowed to trade with one another.

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Players may only trade pieces if they own duplicates of the same puzzle piece. All duplicates will appear in the trading menu. If you do not have any puzzle piece duplicates, your side of the menu will appear blank. That way, you will never accidentally trade a puzzle piece needed to complete your own puzzle.

Best way to earn all nine of these pieces:

  • Redeem your one puzzle piece per day
  • Spend a couple minutes trading with as many players as possible each day
  • Hop across multiple servers to trade with more people

Important Notes

  • Event Duration: July 13 to August 12.
  • Much of Roblox Nezha Obby is presented in Chinese, but you can still communicate with players in your native language if playing outside of China. So long as you communicate with people in chat, everyone should be able to get all nine of the puzzle pieces.

Roblox Nezha Obby is one large obby experience inspired by the 2019 Chinese animated adventure film, Nezha. The film centers around Nezha, a Chinese mythological character, who is a rebellious outcast whose destiny bodes fatal consequences toward his loved ones. The film released to positive reviews and is the worldwide highest-grossing non-US animated film.

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