With the addition of the 6.2 patch for Final Fantasy XIV, Faux Hollows got a new reward in the form of the Wondrous Lanner Mount. This bird looks very similar to the mounts that are available for completing the Heavensward Extreme Trials. However, this is a unique mount only available from Faux Hollow or Khloe’s Tails.

Unlocking the Wondrous Lanner in FFXIV

To unlock the Wondrous Lanner Mount, you’ll need 600 Faux Leaves, the currency earned from playing Faux Hollows. Faux Hollows is a mini-game that challenges you to beat some of the most challenging fights of past expansions updated with max-level stats. Alternatively, you’ll need to earn one Khloe’s Gold Certificate

To participate in Faux Hollows, you’ll first need to make sure you’ve unlocked it. Faux Hollows is unlocked by talking to the Painfully Ishgardian Man (X: 7, Y: 5.9) in Idyllshire.

Completing these so-called Unreal Trials allows you to play a game similar to “battleship” with the Faux Commander. Successfully uncovering illustrations on the Faux Hollows board unlocks Faux Leaves, which can be exchanged for prizes.

To obtain a Khloe’s Gold Certificate, you’ll need to earn three lines in Wondrous Tails. Wondrous Tails is playable each week by talking to Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire (X: 5.7, Y: 6.1). Complete the missions listed in the Wondrous Tails journal to randomly get a sticker. If you get four stickers in a line, you earn rewards. You can shuffle stickers using the rerolls or redo missions.

Just like most rewards in-game, they reset every Tuesday at 1:00 am PDT. The Unreal Trials for Faux Hollows can be found easily using the Raid Finder, while you should already have most Wondrous Tails duties unlocked. A bit of a grind but worth it for this unique Lanner mount!

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