Epic games are set to introduce a second Wolverine-themed outfit in Fortnite titled ” Wolverine Zero Skin.” Players can purchase the new Zero skin as part of the upcoming Fortnite August Crew Pack. Apart from the Wolverine skin, the August Crew Pack will also contain new bling, a harvesting tool based on the Wolverine Pop cultureand a loading screen with the new Wolverine Zero skin in it. To get the Wolverine Zero Skin in Fortnite, you have to purchase the Crew Pack membership from the game store.

What is Fortnite Crew Pack?

Fortnite Crew Pack is a recurring monthly subscription system offered by Epic Games. Players purchasing the Pack can make use of the following perks each month.

  • Free Battle Pass
  • Crew Pack – Exclusive skin & item sets available each month
  • 1000 V- Bucks

What is the cost of a Fortnite Crew Pack?

The Fortnite Crew Pack is available for $12 in the USA. The price may vary from region to region but should be roughly around the prescribed one.

How to buy Fortnite Crew Pack?

To buy the monthly Fortnite Crew Pack membership, you will need to spend real-life money instead of V- Bucks(virtual game currency). Navigate to the Battle pass section and click on the “Join the Fortnite Crew” option. You will be taken to the Epic Stores Payment portal. Use any payment method of your choice and complete the transaction.

How to get the Wolverine Zero Skin in Fortnite

After purchasing the membership, you can access and use all the exclusive items in the Crew Pack from the Locker section, including the Wolverine Zero Skin.

What are the Skins & items available in the Fortnite August Crew Pack?

You can get the following items from the Fortnite August Crew Pack.

  • Wolverine Zero Skin – Outfit
Wolverine Zero
  • Muramasa Blade Back – Bling
Muramasa Blade
  • Murmasa Mursamasa Blade – Harvesting Tool
Muramasa Blade
  • Best Fight You Ever Had – Loading Screen
Best Fight You Ever Had

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