Panik is a fun and thrilling horror game on Roblox to play with friends or solo. Attempt to escape a supermarket in lockdown by collecting specified items at each scanner, but don’t let the malfunctioning cleaning bot catch you. You only get three hearts, and you lose one each time the bot gets you. Can you escape alive and finish before all the other players?

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If you manage to collect all required items on each of the three scanners and escape out of a trap door before all other players, you win the round. However, you only get three hearts and can potentially die if the bot manages to catch you those three times. You can earn the Winner’s Trophy by being the first one out alive and also claim the achievement Victory for your first win.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

The Winner’s Trophy can be worn on your back. To equip the Trophy, open your Inventory on the left side of the screen, symbolized by the backpack icon. You will find it listed under the Radars tab. Click on the icon to automatically equip it to your character.

What does the Winner’s Trophy do?

The Winner’s Trophy works as a Radar while you play each match. It will light up yellow, orange, and red to signal the danger close to you. This will help you keep track of the bot’s location and make it easier for you to escape without being caught by him. Yellow signals that you are safe from the bot, and the darker the color changes, the less secure you are.

The Winner’s Trophy is a fantastic reward to have, serving as an excellent radar to keep you safe from the bot or potentially to trade to other players. You can flaunt your success by wearing it on your back each round. Keep playing, and try to get your own today!

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