Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMOs in the genre, offering players various activities to accomplish and items to collect. One thing players can collect throughout their time in Eorzea is minions. These loveable creatures come with different unlock requirements, and to grab the Magus Sisters, players will have to enact a specific task.

Players can earn the Wind-up Magus Sisters minion by completing the Tower of Zot dungeon and finding the collectible creatures in the dungeon’s treasure coffers. Treasure coffers appear at multiple points in dungeons, often after boss encounters. Getting these minions is not guaranteed during one run of the Tower of Zot, so players may need to run through this dungeon multiple times to snag these unique minions.

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Endwalker brought more than just collectibles in the Endwalker content update, offering players another chapter of the widely-loved story of the Warrior of Light and their allies and the struggle to stop the Final Days. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has become one of the highest-rated expansions in the game yet and has the community talking even now.

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