Slap Battles is a crazy experience and a great mobile game for Roblox, full of silliness and slapping. Players all equip these giant gloves, each with their own unique abilities and powers, and jump into the world for a full-fledged chaotic slap battle with other online players. Your goal is to get as many slaps as you can so you can unlock new gloves and try out their abilities. You can collect unique badges by completing different tasks in the game, such as the Why Badge. This task fits perfectly with the bizarre themes of the game and can be a little challenging to complete. Here’s how you can do it!

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If you scroll down on the Slap Battle game page to the badges and locate the Why Badge, it will explain to receive the badge you must “be a rock for 10 hours straight.” This is one of the most difficult tasks simply because you must remain in the game for 10 hours. It’s not recommended to attempt to do that manually, but there are ways you can get this badge much easier, that only requires a few steps.

How to get the Why Badge in Slap Battles

Download an Auto-Clicker

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The first step you will want to take to get the Why Badge is to download a free Auto-Clicker program. An Auto-Clicker will generate clicks without you having to press the mouse. This means you won’t have to worry about leaving the game running and being disconnected for being idle. There are some simple and free Auto-Clickers you can download for either Mac or PC, and they are the key to getting this badge.

Get the Diamond Glove

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The next step is making sure you have the Diamond Glove. This is the glove with the power to turn you into a rock and is necessary for getting the badge. It only requires you to have 45 slaps to equip it, which means even if you are a new player, you should be able to get those slaps in no time. Press on the glove in the lobby to equip it, and then jump into the Arena portal.

Be a rock

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Once you have the Diamond Glove equipped and enter the arena, you must turn into a rock by pressing E and then prepare your Auto-Clicker. Since you have to be a rock for 10 hours straight to get the badge, you will want to set up your Auto-Clicker to click every 5 to 10 minutes to ensure your game doesn’t disconnect. Set the Click Count to 0 to keep the program running until you manually stop it. Once you have those inputs in, press the Start button and let the game run! Check back after 10 hours are up to check if you have the badge, either on your profile or by scrolling down to the badge on the Slap Battles game page.

Following these steps should get you the Why Badge with ease, and then you can say you were a dedicated Slap Battles rock! This is one of the most impossible badges to get. Hopefully, these instructions helped make it more manageable. Leave a comment below if you were able to accomplish it.

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