If you want to get the Well of Tenacity mod, you must purchase the mod from Ada-1 at the Tower in Destiny 2. That said, you can find Ada-1 in the Annex section of the Tower. We also recommend spawning at the Annex gate to get to Ada-1 fast. Speaking to Ada-1 will allow you to purchase one of four mods in Destiny 2. One of these will be the Well of Tenacity. However, Ada-1 will not sell the Well of Tenacity all the time. 

Ada-1 will still sell the mod, but it will randomly appear with three other mods. Each of these mods will cost 10k glimmer, and the mods will change every day. Because of this, you will need to check Ada-1’s inventory daily. Keep checking, and you will eventually find the Well of Tenacity being sold. However, it may take a while for the mod to appear in Ada-1’s inventory again. Luckily you make the process of checking daily easier by following the Destiny 2 Insights account on Twitter. The Destiny 2 Insight Twitter account will occasionally tweet when and what new mods Ada-1 will sell. 

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What is the Well of Tenacity mod in Destiny 2? 

The Well of Tenacity mod in Destiny 2 is an Elemental well mod. The mod makes it so that when the player picks up a Void Elemental well, it reduces the damage they take from combatants for a short time. The amount of damage reduced will be around 10 percent, thus making it a sought-after Elemental well mod in Destiny 2. You can purchase the Well of Tenacity for 10k glimmer, and using it will require at least two Void energy 

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