Fortnite has just released several items to its players as rewards for challenges from Creative game modes. Two of the most well-known recent releases are the Wavebreaker Wrap and the Qwerty Axe. However, since the v17.50 Fortnite update change a lot of things around, players might be confused about how to get these cosmetics. Luckily, there is a simple explanation.

Another feature that was introduced in v17.50 is the list of Island Games Quests. These are quests that focus on Creative game modes built by the community that reward players for completing them. To get the Wavebreaker Wrap and Qwerty Axe, you must complete a designated amount of Island Games Quests. The Wavebreaker Wrap requires you to complete seven Island Games quests, and the Qwerty Axe requires you to complete nine. The complete list of quests available for the Island Games are listed below.

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  • Deal damage with Shotguns or Sniper Rifles in Red vs Blue Rumble [5500]
  • Buy legendary weapons from vending machines in Red vs Blue Rumble [6]
  • Get eliminations in Red vs Blue Rumble [50]
  • Buy weapons of epic rarity or higher in Prison Breakout [5]
  • Get eliminations in Prison Breakout [25]
  • Deal damage while inside a “Prevalent” sedan in Prison Breakout [1500]
  • Assist teammate with eliminations in Finest 2v2 [30]
  • Restore Health or Shield in Finest 2v2 [750]
  • Deal damage from above in Finest 2v2 [2500]
  • Deal headshot damage in Red vs Blue Lava [2500]
  • Deal damage with SMGs or Pistols in Red vs Blue Lava [5000]
  • Destroy enemy structures in Red vs Blue Lava [200]
  • Hunt wildlife in Wildlands Survival [30]
  • Search containers, coolers, fridges, or tool boxes in Wildlands Survival [25]
  • Catch Zero Point fish or Vendetta Floppers from fishing in Wildlands Survival [10]

Once you have completed the minimum amount of quests out of the list above, you’ll receive the cosmetics! Some of the quests above are easier than others, so be sure to check out multiple game modes to get some of the easy ones out of the way!

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