Halo Infinite is here, and the competitive scene is looking better than ever. Currently, the HCS Raleigh Kickoff Major is going on, and this is the first LAN tournament for Halo Infinite. To celebrate, 343 Industries has multiple Twitch drop prizes for those who tune in. Most have been announced, but one quietly slipped out.

This is the Victory Shout Pose which mysteriously appeared as a Twitch drop. This drop can be seen in your Twitch inventory with the a message, “Reward progress will begin on Sun, Dec 19, 5 PM EST.” To get this pose, you need to watch an hour of the Grand Finals.

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Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

You simply need to tune into the Grand Finals of the HCS Raleigh Kickoff Major to earn this pose. Like the other Twitch drops, it can be claimed via Twitch and then equipped in-game. Th other drops for armor skins and weapon skins can be earned by watching an hour of the stream on various channels.

There is plenty of Halo Infinite going on. Tune in to the live stream and watch some competitive Halo while you unlock some cool drops!

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