Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker update adds a plethora of new content for players to partake in. While the story or Main Scenario is the most famous draw, there are also new items for Eorzeans to collect, like mounts. One of the rarest mounts players can grab in the Endwalker expansion is Victor. Make sure you know how to add this big beast to your collection.

Players have a long road ahead to unlock the Victor mount in Final Fantasy XIV. You’ll need to kill 2,000 A-Rank Elite Marks and 1,000 S-Rank Elite Marks in Endwalker regions.

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Elite Mark hunts only become available once players have completed the Endwalker Main Scenario Quest and hit level 90. Make sure you’re hunting Elite Marks in the following areas:

  • Elpis
  • Garlemald
  • Labyrinthos
  • Mare Lamentorum
  • Thavnair
  • Ultima Thule

Once players complete the thousands of Elite Mark hunts required to earn the Victor mount, they can head to the Achievement tab in Final Fantasy XIV’s interface and claim the reward for the Endgame Hunter achievement. Use the Victor Whistle that’s added to your inventory to claim the Victor mount as your own and make all your fellow Eorzeans jealous. Check out what Victor looks like below:

Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

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