The unstoppable monster is a special melee weapon that was once only obtained through a special challenge, but it can now be obtained through daily ops as a rare reward.

That said, if you want the unstoppable monster, you will need to farm daily ops for its crafting plan, which you can do by opening up the map and then hitting the world activity tab on the bottle left of your screen. 

One of the options on the list will be daily ops, and clicking on it will allow you to join in and complete it. However, you may want to join a public team or find a few friends as daily ops can be challenging alone, and you will do better if in a group.

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Nonetheless, once you hit join, you will start the daily op and will have to protect an uplink from hordes of enemies for a certain amount of time. There are also a few reward tiers depending on how fast you complete the op, as listed below.

  • Initiate (16 mintues)
  • Paladin (12 mintues)
  • Elder (8 mintues)

If you complete the op in 8 minutes, you will get the Elder reward tier, which is generally what you should shoot for, as it will also reward the other two tiers on top of it. The result would be getting a ton of items and would also be your best chances of getting the unstoppable monster plans.

That being said, once you have the plans, you can craft the unstoppable monster with the following materials.

  • Two Adhesive 
  • Two Leather
  • Four Aluminum 
  • Six Bone 

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