In Tower of Fantasy, players get to explore the world around them using numerous unique vehicles they can unlock. These range from motorcycles, to floating cubes, and even giant mech legs. The variety of mounts means that players will want to try out as many of them as possible. Out of all these mounts, one of the coolest ones happens to be a metallic unicorn called the Monocross. This guide will tell you how you can unlock the Unicorn mount in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock the Unicorn mount in Tower of Fantasy

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In order to unlock the Unicorn mount, also known as the Monocross, player’s will need to collect four Unicorn components by travelling to different locations and completing small side-quests. Once you have obtained all four components, you can fuse them to unlock the Monocross mount. The following are all the components you need to unlock the Unicorn mount in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Unicorn Power Core
  • Unicorn Bionic Frame
  • Unicorn Cyberlimbs
  • Unicorn Head

How to obtain Unicorn parts in Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned prior, player’s will need to travel to a couple of locations, and complete a small side quest in order to obtain the Unicorn components. While the Unicorn Power Core, Unicorn Bionic Frame, and Unicorn Cyberlimbs can be obtained easily, the Unicorn Head is a low-probability drop item obtained from specific enemies. Here’s how you can collect all Unicorn parts in order to unlock the Monocross in Tower of Fantasy:

Unicorn Power Core

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Complete the side-quest with NPC Stoker, who can be found near the side of Goldrush Mountain. This quest involves creating a Fiddlehead Pie, and obtaining a strange residue from a crystal formation at coordinates 278, 284. After interacting with Stoker, activate the machines near the crystal formation, and you will collect the Unicorn Power Core.

Unicorn Bionic Frame

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The Unicorn Bionic Frame can be found inside Dawn Frontier, located north of the Southern Naa Fjords Spacerift. Use the password 7092 to enter the building. The component will be inside a Supply Pod.

Unicorn Cyberlimbs

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The Unicorn Cyberlimbs can be found in a Supply Pod on top of a water tower at coordinates 926, -410, south of the Warren Snowfield Peak Spacerift.

Unicorn Head

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The Unicorn Head can be obtained by defeating Devotee Noah, or Devotee Eber. Both of these enemies have less than one percent chance to drop the rare Unicorn Head. Therefore, expect to farm these enemies for a while till you can obtain the Unicorn Head. Devotee Noah can be found next to the bridge located northwest of the Parliament Spacerift. To find Devotee Eber, transmit to the Crown Omnium Tower and head east toward the small stronghold on the coast.

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