The Wacky Weekend is here on Oct. 15, 2021, and with it, the Zombie update has dropped! Added to the graveyard are killer zombies waiting for you to approach so they can eat your brains! To stop them, create any weapon potion from your table and fight back—you might just receive a spooky surprise!

Graveyard Zombies

With this weekend’s Zombie update comes, of course, zombies! These zombies spawn in the corner graveyard near the cauldrons and require a bit of patience to take down. Some potions work better than others in defeating them—at the moment, we’ve found the bullet potion to be one of the most efficient.

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To get the Undead Skull ingredient, you’ll need to take down as many zombies as you can. After killing a zombie, there’s a chance that you will leave empty-handed. However, there’s also a chance that one will drop you a few pieces of candy or even the new ingredient! Keep your eye out for anything that sticks around after the zombie’s body de-spawns.

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After finding the Undead Skull, simply return to your cauldron and place it on your ingredient table to save it!

Skeleton-spine potion

Adding this ingredient to your cauldron with nothing else will spawn the Skeleton-spine potion pictured below.

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For our full list of all Wacky Wizards potions, head over to our guide here!

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