Mario Strikers: Battle League makes heavy use of the game’s Attribute mechanic. Players need to pay attention to these Stats because they determine how to use each character effectively on the field. Each character has a different stat makeup, but choosing the right character comes down to the player’s individual playstyle. Players can use Gear to increase a character’s Attributes to better fit the role they wish to play.

How to get the Turbo Gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League

The Turbo Gear Set will increase a character’s Speed Stat. A character’s Speed Stat determines how fast they can run across the field. This may not seem as useful as some other Stats, but a Speedy character can really turn the tides of a game if played correctly.

To get the Turbo Gear Set, players need to head to the Gear Shop. The Gear Shop can be accessed by visiting the Gear Settings in the game’s menu. Once there, players need to have 400 Coins to purchase the full Gear Set (100 Coins each).

How to get Coins in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Players can get Coins by playing and winning Tournaments. Each Tournament win gives players 400 Coins, which is enough to purchase a full Gear Set. Once players complete a Tournament, they can replay that Tournament to get 50 Coins per win. Players can also visit the Gear Shop and receive 400 Coins for free, though this only works one time.

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