Like many JRPGs Soul Hackers 2 has multiple endings, one of which is the true ending. You can take your time by completing side quests, doing jobs for NPCs, and repeating dungeons, or you can stick to the main storyline. But either way, you’ll come to the game’s final showdown. But how do you get the true ending in soul Hackers 2?

How to unlock the true ending in Soul Hackers 2

To get the true ending in Soul Hackers 2 you have to answer a series of questions in a specific way. To get the true ending, you’ll need to defeat Cyber Aion, a tough end-game boss who will test your strategy skills. It takes a lot of preparation to tackle, as there are three distinct phases in the final battle, so it’s a fitting final enemy. Afterward, Ringo will be asked a series of yes or no questions about the other characters’ decisions during the game. If she answers, I do not to every question, and then Reach out to her to the final question, you will get the true ending in Soul Hackers 2.

How many endings does Soul Hackers 2 have?

There are just two possible endings to Soul Hackers 2. You will get the normal ending if you answer I do to any of the questions or Let her go to the final question. Without wishing to spoil it too much, the true ending will reward you with a longer, more upbeat final cutscene. But by replaying the final battle from a save point and then answering the following questions differently, you can experience both endings.

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