If you weren’t satisfied with how things turned out in Digimon Survive’s ending, then that’s only because you haven’t seen the story’s one true conclusion. The game’s true ending is not possible to get in the first run, mind you, so your first blind playthrough isn’t a waste at all. Here’s how to get the true ending in Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive True Ending requirements

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To see the game’s true ending, you’re going to need:

  • A New Game Plus data
  • To get Ryo’s friendship level to 30 before the end of Part three

The hope of being able to save the unsavable is going to boost the team’s morale, leading to a series of new omens that can get everyone home safely.

If you’re worried about getting him up to that number early into the game, you’ll find that Ryo’s affinity goes up quicker. A single correct response can even pull his friendship level up by ten. It’s very hard to fair! Just in case, speak to him whenever you’re granted free actions or are allowed to explore the area.

By the way, even if you go Ryo’s friendship level to 30 during your first playthrough, he still can’t be saved. It needs to be on your second run.

What carries over in New Game Plus?

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Your New Game Plus data will grant you all your items and the digimons that you befriended in your first run. Levels will also carry over. However, your partner digimons’ evolution lines will reset. If you got certain partner digimons to Mega level during your first run, know that a new form can be unlocked during this one. Moreover, Agumon’s evolution line is largely dependent on Takuma’s highest-leveled karma.

Friendship levels and karma developed in the first run will not carry over.  

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