With the latest update to Sea of Thieves, titled A Pirate’s Life, we were introduced to many new features in the game that we’ve never seen before. One of these features was a new type of weapon called the Trident of Dark Tides. This is a ranged weapon you can use to shoot bubbles that inflict damage and cause knockback.

Most players first use a Trident of Dark Tides while playing through the Tall Tales released with the most recent update. However, it is also possible to get the trident in Adventure Mode. The list below explains all the different ways that you can get one of these rare weapons.

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  • Defeat a Siren Leader. Sirens are a new mob that was released in the game during the same update that introduced the trident as a weapon. The Siren Leader is more difficult than a normal Siren, and will not hesitate to use the Trident of Dark Tides against you.
  • Sink a Skeleton Ship. Skeleton Ships are random encounters that can happen while you’re sailing the seas. Sometimes they will target you, but sometimes they won’t bother you unless you attack first. If you sink it, look among the loot that floats up for a trident.
  • Defeat a Kraken or Megalodon. These are massive beasts that you may randomly encounter while sailing. When you defeat one, there is a chance that you may find a trident among its loot.
  • Loot a Shipwreck. Occasionally, you will see a shipwreck in the middle of the ocean. They can be seen from a distance by the red and green beam that emits from them. If you dive to loot one, you might find a trident.
  • Open a Skeleton Fort Vault. Skeleton Fort Vaults are only opened after they have been raided. This is a very difficult task and usually requires a full crew to complete. Once you defeat all waves of a Skeleton Fort Event, you might find a trident in the vault.
  • Find one on a Beach. Although rare, it is possible to find a Trident of Dark Tides washed up on a beach. This can happen on any island.

Those are all the currently known ways to find a Trident of Dark Tides! It’s important to note that the options mentioned above aren’t guaranteed to produce a Trident; it’s simply possible for a trident to result from the conditions mentioned.

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