If there’s one thing that Guardians in Destiny 2 love, it’s loot. And a fancy new SMG is on its way to the Tower soon.

The Title will be an engram reward during the 2022 Guardian Games, which begin on May 3, 2022, and run through May 24, 2022. To obtain it, Guardians will need to redeem gold and platinum packages. It’s not clear at this time how frequently the weapon will drop, but three weeks is plenty of time to farm the perfect roll.

The Guardian Games are an homage to our Olympics. The competitors are broken up into their respective classes of Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks. Each class banks medals to boost their team’s ranking. The team with the most medals banked at the end of the three weeks is declared the winner and wins… Nothing.

Guardian Games is largely a friendly competition with plenty of jabs from one class to another. It’s definitely not the community’s favorite event, but it still breaks up the monotony and gives players something to do as the current season is in a lull.

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