Ah, Thunderlord. First introduced back in Season 4 as part of a murder mystery, Guardians had to brave the then-closed-off walls of the Cosmodrome to recover this Exotic power weapon. For years it carried its weight until it finally received a Catalyst in Season 18. Guardians everywhere in Destiny 2 should add this to their collection. Here’s how to find it.

Where to find the Thunderlord Catalyst in Destiny 2

The highly coveted Thunderlord Exotic Catalyst can be found in one of three places: Strike completions, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches. There’s no meta that requires having the Catalyst, so take your time in farming it. Since the drop rate for them isn’t atrocious, it would come within a few hours of playing normally. Once acquired, Guardians need to rack up 500 kills with Thunderlord to complete the Catalyst.

The Thunderlord Catalyst adds the Return Stroke Perk to the Exotic weapon. This perk has Thunderlord partially reload its magazine from reserves with each lightning strike. This works beautifully with the base Reign Havoc Perk which has final blows generating stunning lightning strikes. With a room full of targets, Thunderlord is going to rain down terror.

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