This Novel is Amazing! is a Wonders of the World Achievement that can be obtained by completing a Daily Commission of the same name. To increase your chances of unlocking it, set your Commission located to Liyue in the Adventurer’s Handbook.

Once you get this Daily Commission by chance, speak to Chang the Ninth north of Wuwang Hill to initiate the request. He’ll ask you to deliver his entry to the Yae Publishing House’s novel-writing competition to the Feiyun Commerce Guild. It will be stored in a Sealed Package, which you can find in the Quest Item section of your Inventory.

Follow the quest marker to Liyue Harbor until you reach the glowing spot on the ground. Paimon will ask you whether you want to take a peek at the package. Respond with Just a quick one… to unlock the book called First Apprentice of Guhua and the Achievement This Novel is Amazing! Don’t forget to speak to complete the Commission by talking to Xu nearby.

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