To complete the Adventurer’s Tome, you must find a collectible item called Thick Parchment in Lost Ark. Monsters will drop the thick parchment collectible on the Vern North Continent (or other areas if you have already visited Vern North).

Where is Thick Parchment in Vern North?

It is more likely that monsters with yellow auras will drop Thick Parchment above their heads. You’ll have a better chance of finding Thick Parchment when you choose to fight these special monsters, which are the leaders.

You can earn these collectibles in several ways. Since monsters drop them randomly, though, we have discovered that old-fashioned farming and luck are the best ways to get them. It looks like the same paper the Declaration of Independence was written on (i.e., an old document).

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If you plan to add it to your Lost Ark collection, you should take it to a secluded, safe area. The best place is Vern Castle since it has no enemies and is the main city for Vern North.

Open your Inventory by pressing the I key, then right-click on Thick Parchment. The Adventurer’s Tome will notify you when the Thick Parchment Collection is added.

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