While Break In Story may appear to have a linear, one-outcome plot on its surface, players who take the time to go off the beaten path will actually find multiple secret subplots that they can explore. These subplots can introduce new characters, areas, side missions, and sometimes even badges. In the case of this guide, the latter is true! To find out how to earn the secret Taste Tester badge, continue reading below.

Earning the Taste Tester badge

The Taste Tester badge can be earned by completing a short obby that can only be accessed during Break In Story’s sewer level. In order to reach this level, you’ll need to play through the entire first half of Break in Story’s campaign. If you’re unsure how to play through the story, continue reading the brief summary below. If you already know how to play, feel free to skip to step three.

Playing through Break In Story

1. Choosing your role and getting started

Upon loading into Break In Story, you will be greeted with a screen that asks you to choose a role. For those who have never played this experience before, we’d recommend choosing Kid, as its the easier of the two roles—choosing The Stealthy Kid or The Hungry Kid doesn’t matter. Once you’ve chosen your role and spawned into the waiting area, hop onto either of the moving trucks to start the story.

2. Surviving the house

The first three minutes of Break In Story requires players to explore a house in search of food. Then, it’ll be time for dinner—sit at the table and wait for the delivery person to bring in the pizza boxes. Once you’ve eaten dinner, the power will go out. When this happens, run to the living room and watch the TV to see the news. After the news is finished, head upstairs, look for the bed with your username on it, and lay on it to go to sleep.

There are three bedrooms in this house, the Blue Room, the Pink Room, and the Green Room, and each night while you’re sleeping, there’s a chance that a Villain will break into one, or multiple, of these rooms and attack everyone inside. If this happens, use whatever weapon you can find to attack them, or try your best to run away and stay out their range. You’ll need to repeat this cycle three times before you can escape the house, including one night in the basement.

3. Reaching the sewer

After surviving the last night in the house, you’ll be told to escape to the sewer—this is where the Taste Tester badge can be earned! Once inside of the sewer, instead of waiting for the sludge to drain and then following the white path, you’ll need to follow the gray obby instead. After maneuvering through this obby, you will run into an NPC selling a Bloxy Cola for 20 Bucks—purchase and drink this cola to earn the Taste Tester badge!

Because the process of obtaining this badge can be so time-consuming, similar to the Sacred Chocolate badge from 3008, we unfortunately haven’t earned it ourselves, meaning we don’t have any screenshots to show you. We do, however, have a quick video that we can recommend from popular Roblox YouTuber, Premiumsalad!


If you’ve successfully completed the steps above, congratulations—you’ve earned a badge that’s been obtained by fewer than 300,000 players!

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