The Bungie 30th Anniversary event is finally live in Destiny 2 and with it, plenty of new content to sink our teeth into in the coming weeks. One of the first things players will be looking to get is the Forerunner Exotic Sidearm and they will quickly learn that the Strange Key is needed to complete the Exotic quest. Here is how to get the Strange Key in Destiny 2.

The first time players speak with Xur, they will notice that he has the Strange Key in his inventory. However, this key is more than likely grayed out and unable to be selected. This is because players will need to get to Strange Level 4 before the Key will be able to be acquired from Xur. You can get Strange Level progress from completing Dares of Eternity runs, and it should only take you a few runs to get there.

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The Strange Key is used as part of the Magnum Opus Exotic Quest. After progressing far enough into the quest, you will be prompted to obtain the Strange Key from Xur. Players that are not yet Strange Level 4 will need to continue grinding until they are able to get the Key. Once the Key is obtained, they will use it to open a hidden pathway that will allow them to progress further in the quest.

So, there you have it, that is how to get the Strange Key in Destiny 2. Note that you can pick up the Strange Key from Xur at any point after reaching Strange Level 4, you do not have to wait until the Magnum Opus Exotic Quest prompts you to.

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