In Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2, a new mount was added that wasn’t immediately available. The Starlight Steed was a loyal reindeer with the power of flight. According to its description, the Reindeer is only an illusion, a glamoured mount gifted to you by Blitzen as part of the Starlight Celebration.

Unlocking the Starlight Steed

The Starlight Steedis only unlockable as part of the Starlight 2022 event, which hadn’t started when patch 6.2 was released. That means, at the time of writing, the Starlight Steed is unavailable.

To unlock the Starlight Steed, you’ll need to complete the Starlight 2022 quest, which revolves around helping the Reindeer Blitzen, a native of Sharlayan. As a reward for completing the quest, Blitzen will gift you a glamoured mount of your own flying Reindeer.

When is Starlight 2022

According to our predictions, Starlight 2022 will occur in December 2022, although the exact date is unknown. The event will likely run for around two weeks, giving you plenty of time to pick up this steed and still enjoy the holiday season. 

However, even if you miss the Starlight 2022 celebration, past mounts and unlockables from seasonal events usually hit the Final Fantasy XIV Online store about a year after its initial release. As a result, if you miss the Starlight Steed now, you can grab it in the Online Store from 2023.

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